Writing Tips Part 1

by | Mar 15, 2020 | IELTS Tips, Writing Tips

Tips for IELTS writing


> Always select main features, not all features
> Always compare data.
> Use appropriate tense ( Present/Past/Future)
> For introduction, always paraphrase question.
> Use signposting language (Eg. The graph/the most significant change or trend is…)
> Try to use synonyms and do not to repeat same words.
> Limit words between 150-180 words.



Always read the question carefully.
> Underline the main keywords.
> Limit words between 250-280 words
> Always include examples in Task 2
> Support ideas with further evidences
>Use different types of sentence structures. (Eg. Complex, Compound, Conditional etc.)
> Do not overuse idioms.
> Always plan and make short notes before writing Task 2.
> Always try to paraphrase topic in the question.
> Introduction consists of General Fact+Topic/Argument+Your Opinion.


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